Sunday, February 19, 2012

DC's Wonder Woman Makes a U-Turn to Suckville

Oh DC, you just don't get it. I had hopes. The first couple issues where great. The costume change was alright. You still need to make the boots red again. We had gods & Amazons. All very ESSENTIAL to Wonder Woman. Here we are on issue #5 & all of that has changed.


Issue 5. What can I say? It sucks. The art has reached a new low. Who is drawing this? Interns from Art school? It's terrible. Don't believe me? Here, look:

C'mon guys, this is Wonder Woman. She deserves better. Aside from the art, let's talk about what you have done as far as the story goes. You've turned Hippolyta to stone & made it clear she can't be fixed, so in essence, you killed her. After making her blonde. If you were just going to kill her, why the change of hair color? I know, I just can't let that one go.

You have turned all the Amazons to serpents, essentially killing all of them as well. Before you did that though, you lead us to believe that Diana was teased & outrisized by her sisters when she was growing up. None of them cared for her & called her hurtful names like "clay" because she was made of mud. So you vilified them a bit. Ouch. You guys don't seem to get the whole Amazon thing.

Look, Wonder Woman readers like Amazons. We like Wonder Woman because, much like Xena, she is an Amazon but NOT an Amazon at the same time. It's that whole "I don't quite fit here" thing. She may not fit in, but not because they were mean to her. Just the opposite. She wants to fit in, she just doesn't. She's different. It's hard for her because the Amazons have always been her sisters & supporters & respected her. She came from them & will die to protect them.

I know, Amazons are scary for insecure men. They don't like them. They don't understand them & there is that whole Amazons loving Amazons thing. DC has always avoided that like the freaking plague. There was a wink to it this time, but they made sure to cut it off quickly by destroying all of the Amazons.

The biggest change though is that you changed her origin completely. Her Mother lied to her & fucked Zeus. She's Zeus' daughter. She IS from the loins of a man after all. *sigh* Wow. How original. Let's take everything interesting about this character & flush it down the toilet.

Why is it that DC has felt it necessary for Diana to grow, the Amazons must be destroyed? All of her past must be eliminated. Not only that, but once it is, we must never speak of it again.

Sure, Superman's planet was destroyed. When he was a baby. Not a full grown adult. Yep, Batman's parents were murdered when he was just a boy, but he still had Alfred. Not to mention how their pasts play intricate parts of their present & future story lines. For Diana, DC once again feels the need to do away with the Amazons, Themyscira, her mother & her past. *sigh*

These are her strengths as well as her weaknesses.

I would also like to address the writing. WTF. I cannot follow this writer. The story seems choppy, inconsistent & disconnected. We are not being shown anything through the dialogue. It is useless, pointless drivel. I am lost. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Too much, too many, too soon & just plain bad.

I honestly feel like they have stopped trying. #5 is my jumping off point. I'm done. Too bad. I had such hopes.

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