Sunday, January 29, 2012

Xena Con Day 3 - Saturday!

Saturday finds us up early & nervous. Renee O'Connor's photo op is bright & early at 8:45am. We are hoping she has on the outfit we want, otherwise we will have to wait until Sunday. She's wearing two different outfits on two different days. Will it be the BGSB or the Red Outfit or the Little House on the Praire Outfit or what!?

I am totally expecting T to freak. LOL.

We get in line. Finally word comes down the line that she is indeed in the classic Gabby attire of the BGSB (Big Green Sports Bra).
Once we get in to the room where we can see her...T starts to feel weird. To be honest, I was taken aback a little seeing Renee for the very first time in her classic Gabby outfit. It was a bit surreal. I mean, holy Hera! There was Gabrielle! It was like someone plucked her out of ancient Greece & plopped her in Burbank just to take pictures. LOL.

She seemed pretty sleepy still. It was cute. She's so shy. I am amazed she does this for her fans. It must be incredibly hard for her.

T cried. It was so cute. She waited until we got back to the room, and she will absolutely hate me for telling you this, but she cried. She met the Bard of Bards! Her idol! The person that plays the character that helped her realize she wanted to be a writer & helped bring us together. It was adorable.

It really is neat being surrounded & immersed in the Xenaverse & being part of the experience we have always heard about.

Being there though, you could's a little too late for a Xena movie. This broke T & I's heart...just a little. we expected it was a possibility, but we had hoped that with the interest & fervor of the X201MC & other things we had read & watched, that maybe there was a resurgance. Nope. The Con room has yet to be a little more than half full. This is THE Xena con. If they can't fill that up...well, the market for the film looks pretty damn slim to me. Still, It'd be awesome if it ever happened.

So there were a few tears. T worked so hard on that script. However, at the same time, we are having so much fun. Even if it is the tail end of the grand experience, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We got to see Claire Stansfield, Tim Omundson, Brittany Powell, Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, & Jacqueline Kim. Whew! That was a whole lot of awesome in a short amount of time. We also got autographs from all of them as well as Renee's autograph.

Later that night at around 10:30pm we headed on over to the cocktail party. Dancing, music, & drinks. Hudson showed up. She was on the dance floor with all of us. There were several dance offs. She is HI-larious guys. Brittany was there as well. I got hugs. Good, strong, happy hugs. Such wonderful hugs. *sigh*

Many of the stars asked us about the Con. They asked us if we were having a good time. They asked why we decided to come. Was it because it was the LAST con? It was neat, because we got to tell our story to most everyone. The people that helped bring us together. Some of them genuinely thought it was freaking cool. Everyone was very sweet. It was amazing. Brittany even told other people. Can I just say, I liked Brittany's character on the show, but man, I LOVE the real Brittany. She is crazy fun. Also cool & drop dead gorgeous.

Jacqueline Kim was also fantastic & so warm & lovely to meet. Gods, we had such great experiences. The stars were all so incredibly warm & friendly & funny. I have never been to a fan convention where all the stars are so relaxed & friendly & giving & warm. A big thank you to all of them.

After the party, we crashed.

Sunday is next. Lucy Freakin' Lawless day.

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