Friday, October 07, 2011

Xena Sword & Scabbard

I know, I know, ANOTHER Xena post?! Yep, sorry, but I'm excited. I finally got my prop replica Xena sword & scabbard. So I have to share! Licensed by Universal in 2004. Limited to 3000. Numbered. The weight is good & it feels nice in my hands. The scabbard is well made & looks exact. Sword is cast aluminum & one solid piece. Not sharpened. Wouldn't be hard to sharpen it right up though, but aluminum doesn't hold up to any sort of actual swordplay. You need tempered steel for that. It's a really nice piece to have & I'm excited to include it in my collection!

Now all I need is an ICON Chakram & Gabrielle's sais & staff.

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