Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spartacus...Alright, Alright...I Give

I have watched two or three episodes of Spartacus & I have to admit I'm interested in seeing more, but I've been avoiding investing myself into another TV show. Spartacus is so incredibly violent. Of course, it is Rome & gladiators & all the politics & awful things that happened during that time. It isn't about a hero going around fighting for the greater good. It's gritty & dark & terrible. I tend to like more happy fantastical worlds. However, with every new interview I watch with Lucy Lawless, the more I want to watch. She's a great actress. It would be a shame to go see her in Burbank & not have any sense of her work on Spartacus. I mean, she is my second favorite actress of all time. Also, the show is written & produced by much of the same team that worked on Xena. So, why have I been avoiding? Strangely enough, naked Lucy Lawless makes me really uncomfortable.

No, seriously. I'm not sure why. T & I have also discussed the rapey parts. We do not do well with rapey stuff. Again though, it is Rome. Romans were very rapey. So, we're going to give it a go. We are just going to make sure that if at any point either of us feels icky we can fast forward. The blood & guts are fine. Swords battles are bloody. I enjoy a good sword battle. Just like I enjoy my UFC fights. Any idiot can point & shoot a gun, but swords & fists take skill. I'll let you know what we think about it as we go along.

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