Monday, September 12, 2011

Hunted: The Demons Forge PS3

I have rented a video game that looks promising. HUNTED. I haven't played it yet because I also rented the movies "Priest" & "Dylan Dog" & watched those first. "Priest" was great. I liked the mythology they built & the characters were really great. Karl Urban, Caesar from Xena, was in it. Good effects & a really wonderful score by Christopher Young. I hadn't heard of Mr. Young before so I looked him up. Seems I just hadn't noticed his scores before this one. He has a long list of credits including "Drag Me To Hell", "Ghost Rider", "The Grudge I & II" & more.

Dylan Dog however was meh. It was fun, but they really screwed up at the end. The protagonist does absolutely nothing but get his ass kicked & other random nameless characters defeat the antagonist. Lame. It had promise & like I said, it was fun, but in the end, unsatisfying. If you have a couple hours to waste, you might waste it with Dyaln just for the ride.

Now, as soon as I get into "Hunted" I will let you know how it was. I'm big on Hack 'n Slash two player games. T & I love to play these types of adventure games together & it's rare to come across one nowadays that lets us play at the same time. I just happened upon this little interview about the game today & low & behold, Lucy Lawless does one of the voices. Now, I'm even more excited to play!

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