Monday, August 01, 2011

Obsession + Passion = Bravery

Huh, who knew that if you got really passionate about something & wrote to every magazine you could think of about the Xena 2011 Movie campaign that some of them would write you back & ask you to write them an article? An article they are willing to pay you for! That's exactly what has happened. By trying to get the word out, I inadvertently created work for myself that people are willing to pay me for.

So, my first article will be with the online magazine Lesbilicious It's a UK magazine, but the good ol' internet makes online relevant worldwide.

Now I have to find people to interview. I have already sent my questions out to the administrators of the Facebook page "Xena 2011 Movie Campaign" and to the writer/producer of several Xena episodes throughout the series Steven L. Sears.

I wonder who else I can ask?

My deadline is Aug. 7. I better get on it. Wish me luck!


Chris said...

Oh my gods, that's so cool! I can't wait to see this online!

GeminiWriter said...

That’s wonderful! I’m very happy for you! Congratulations!

Turayis said...