Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She ain't your babydoll, but she can be.

Hot Toys has some amazing sculpts. This one is good. Not quite as good as some of their others, but still damn fine.

What she comes with:

Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Emily Browning as Babydoll in the Sucker Punch movie

Approximately 28 cm tall

Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulations

Realistic long, golden, implanted curly hair

Three (3) pairs of interchangeable palms with straps on right palms including:
One (1) pair of relaxed palms
One (1) pair for holding guns
One (1) pair for holding Japanese Katana
Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
One (1) set of sailor style navy blue shirt with tie and belt, and skirt
One (1) pair of long black socks
One (1) pair of navy blue high heels
One (1) pistol with accessories
One (1) magazine gun with silencer and sight
One (1) Japanese style metal Katana with case and strap
One (1) black hair band
One (1) headset
One (1) key with neck chain
One (1) pistol holster
Two (2) magazine holsters
Figure stand with Babydoll nameplate and movie logo

Here's the Specs:
12" H (304.8mm)*
Product Weight:
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Box Size:
15.00" H (381mm) x 7.00" W (177.8mm) x 7.00" L (177.8mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight:
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*

The Price?

$169.99 or two payments of $85.00

Where do you get her? Why right Here:

Sideshow Collectibles

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