Friday, June 10, 2011

Wooden Watch

ThinkGeek has a really sexy looking watch by WeWood. WeWood plants a tree for every watch sold & the watches they do sell are made from 100% natural, toxic-chemical free wood. How cool is that? Pretty freaking cool.

The watches that ThinkGeek offers are the Chrono model. They are $20.00 cheaper on ThinkGeek than on WeWood's site. Not to mention that you get pretty good Geek points for a $100 purchase at ThinkGeek to spend on other geeky goodies! WeWood does offer some other models though, if you don't like the Chrono.

The one above is the Date brown/army model. I really like it. It is listed for $119.00 on the WeWood site. Unfortunately, no Geek points go with it's purchase.

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