Friday, June 03, 2011

Tony Orrico

I stumbled across an artist today that I have fallen in love with. Generally, I'm not much for performance art. I'm not knocking it, it just doesn't move me most of the time. This guy is different. He uses his entire body to measure & move & create. It's beautiful. The precision & repetition & stamina is absolutely amazing. It's art, science & dance all at the same time with a tangible output. I went to his website & looked up his bio & it stated: "a former member of Trisha Brown Dance Company and Shen Wei Dance Arts". So a dancer, who has used his art in order to create & merge with another form of art. Wow. I can't wait to see more from this guy. He really makes me want to try this. I might be moving the motorcycles out of the garage this weekend.

It's been a long time since some sort of art has moved me to tears. I'm sure it's not for everyone, and many will see it as some doofus with pencils squirming around on paper, but for me, it is what art is & should be. Using your body, mind, & soul to create.


Chris said...

No, a doofus with pencils squirming around on paper is what it would be if I did this. I'd only get one circle done, and it would actually be more egg-shaped probably, and then I'd roll over on my back, huffing and puffing, out of breath, before managing to somehow crawl away on me hands and knees...still out of breath.

Chris said...

And, I'm now Irish, apparently.

Cindy said...

That's like the ultimate Ashtanga practice. It's hypnostizing to watch.