Friday, May 27, 2011

Resident Evil's Alice

Wow! I mean, seriously, wow! I don't know who or how they are doing sculpts over at Hot Toys, but damn! They are phenomenal! Their Sarah Connor was amazing, and now, they give us Alice form Resident Evil. You recognize instantly that it is the Alice played by Milla Jovovich. Not only are Hot Toys sculpts amazing, but the clothes and accessories are also jaw-dropping.

Alice comes with: One pair of relaxed palms
One pair of palms for holding gun
One pair of palms for holding blade
One dark blue colored jacket
One black short-sleeved T-shirt
One black military vest
One pair of black leggings
One pair of light-brown leg warmers
One pair of black boots
One blade with sheath
Two Nepal knives
Two pistols
Two shotguns
Two machine guns
One baton
and a brown faux-leather gun holster with belt.

She is around 28 CM tall, and has a truetype body with 30 points of articulation. She even has a detailed skin texture. The stitching and detail to the costume/clothing is another one of the things that makes Hot Toys so amazing.

If you are a Resident Evil fan/Collector, I really don't see how you could pass this up. Well, other than not having the $164.99 they are asking for her. Sideshow is offering her with Flexpay though, so it would be split into two payments of around $82.50. I'm impressed with Hot Toys. I don't think there is a better collectible doll/figure company out there today. The time, detail & accuracy of their products are simply stunning!


Turayis said...

Wow, indeed! That is an amazing sculpt! Her eyes are perfect!

johnson said...

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