Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thundercats Classic Figures Re-Issue

Holy Thundera! There has been more Thundercats news than you can shake a stick at this year! The announcement of the New Series on Cartoon Network this fall, new staues, new toys, & now a re-issue of the classic figures. These are re-worked, but are very close to the originals. They are 8 inches tall with 18 points of articulation. The originals had around 5. Not only can you get Lion-O & Tygra, but you can also get a retooled Sword of Omens from the new series! It has a 17" plastic blade & extends to 25". It also has phrases & sounds from the new series.

There is also a 4 inch wave of new figures. These look sharp! Thundercats figures come with their own environment so you can recreate scenes from the TV show or make up new ones!

Check out all the awesome Thundercats toys available now for pre-order from Entertainment Earth

The most amazing collectible from Thundercats this month though, goes to, without a doubt, Sideshow Collectibles with their 26" High, 15.00 lbs, Mixed Media Statue that not only has the best sculpt I have ever seen on a Mumm-Ra collectible, but also, get this, LIGHTS UP! You read it right! The thing lights up. Light-up features include Sword of Plundarr, eyes, and chest symbol. How freakin' sweet is that!? Now, the bad part is the price. $374.99. OUCH! Luckily they have a flex-pay plan so you can get it for payments of $84.38 a month. Not too bad. It's definitely worth it!


Turayis said...

OMG the sword of Omens is awesome! And it extends like the "real" one at the different level! Way cool!

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

This thundercats items are great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel