Monday, April 11, 2011

Something unusual

Dog & Cat Buddha. These 5 inch polystone statues will run you right around $12.99 over at Entertainment Earth. You can also pick them up from the company that makes them: Accoutrements

You can also check out all the Accoutrements items on Entertainment Earth or their home site. They have lots of novelty type items. Like the Bacon Strip bandages.


Chris said...

Don't get them too close to each other. All hell will break loose.

Garden Ridge has some awesome Buddha Frogs that we to get next time we're down there.

learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Jen Tucker said...

@learn oil painting - Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Turayis said...

Oh, Chris,

I could only think of you when I saw this post, lol!