Monday, March 07, 2011

New Buck Rogers Figures

Good Monday to all my lovely followers. All 6 of you. I hope your week is fantabulous. Boy am I excited! This week starts off with an amazing announcement! New Buck Rogers in the 25th Century figures.

I am assuming these figures are the same size as Mego figures, which would put them at 8 inches. They list the size as 1/9th scale. Buck has a removable helmet, screen accurate laser pistol, 2 sets of hands, Z-body with 22 points of articulation, and the white screen accurate costume.

The company producing these is a small independent company called Zica.

Wave 1 of the Buck Rogers series includes: Buck, Hawkman, Kane, Tigerman, & a Draconian Guard.

Wilma & Twiki are planned for wave two. Hopefully the Princess as well. If you are a really big fan of Buck Rogers like I am, make sure to head on over to Gil Gerard's website & purchase them directly through him with or without an added autograph!

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