Sunday, February 06, 2011


Well, the snow has melted & Snowacolypse 2011 is over. Tomorrow it's back to work & copy making & listening to people complain. It's okay though. Really. These last 6 days were absolutely amazing. No work, no time, no worries. Just me & T & Leela being together & doing our thing.

I started a huge 36" x 42" painting of Wonder Woman, T wrote, Leela played a whole lotta ball in the hall. We slept in every day until around 2pm & stayed up until 5 or 6am almost every day. I haven't felt so relaxed & free in a long time. THIS is why I love snow in Oklahoma. Not only is it beautiful & almost never happens, but when it does, everything stops. EVERYTHING. Oklahoma has no idea how to deal with more than 2 inches of snow. We got at least 6 to 8 inches. The University had no plan in place to get that much snow cleaned up, therefore, total shutdown for 4 work days. The city didn't do much better. There was at least 6 inches of packed snow & ice on the roads making them extremely slippery. Oklahomans all drive trucks. Rear wheel drive or light end front wheel drive. Not good in those conditions. So, again, everything shuts down.

T & I built a snow wall after the second round of snow. We planned on walling up the entire gazebo to make our very own Echo base. The sun came out though before we finished and it came crashing down the next day. I love that T is always game for getting out & playing in the snow. I couldn't be with anyone more fun! We spent a couple of hours building that wall & laughing & throwing snow at each other. No time. No worries. No work. No J.O.B. work. I mean, we worked. Real work. Honest work. She worked on her writing & I worked on my art & loved every single moment. So, yeah, back to the clock tomorrow, but hey, they are forecasting snow on Tuesday & Wednesday, so the snow gods just might bless us again. I love snow. Stay warm my friends. Cherish every spontaneous moment.


Cindy said...

I love that you built a snow wall, but I love even more that you painted.

Jen Tucker said...

So do I. Thanks, Cindy.