Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please donate!

I rarely ever ask anyone to donate to anything, but I'm pretty passionate about this one. The Little River Zoo is located right outside Norman, Oklahoma. The Little River Zoo is run by people passionate about saving exotic & local animals. The description on their website reads: "The Zoo sits on 50+ acres located in Norman near the beautiful and award winning Lake Thunderbird Resort area. It is surrounded by an endangered ecosystem call the Cross Timber Forest, one of the last remaining ancient forests of North America. Fed by the natural waters of the Garber-Wellington Aquafir, the zoo is peaceful, comforting setting where visitors feel completely in harmony with nature."

Recently they have been struggling to stay afloat & give the 350 animals in their care all the help & resources they need. They get no federal or state money & are run 100% by donation.

Please head over to their website: Little River Zoo and check them out.

Please, if you can spare even $5.00 it helps these people feed the little fur babies & keep them warm throughout the winter. If you don't like to donate money, they also have a list of supplies they really need.

The photos in this post are all of animals that the Little River Zoo are taking care of right now. Please, anything you can donate really helps. Once you get to the website, scroll down & you will find a paypal donate button. Click on it & in less than 5 minutes you can really help these guys continue to be able to do the hard work they do. Thank you.

All animal photos copyright by youngest son via Flickr as found here: YoungestSonFlickr

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Turayis said...

Thank you for bringing this the the public's attention. And for donating!