Monday, January 03, 2011

240 hours

I have 240 hours of Paid Leave. 6 days of a regular 8 hour shift. I've only had this job since July of last year. 6 Days. I think I'll take them. I don't know when. It's like having a 50 dollar bill of Birthday or Christmas money in your pocket. You had things you kept telling yourself you wanted, but now that you have the money, you can't remember a single one of them. You fight not to blow the whole wad on something immediately.

There's the SXSW thing in Austin. It's during Spring Break though, so the beach would be filled with drunk teenagers & 20 somethings. Not to mention the price tag. Eek.

There's the San Diego Comic Con July 21-24th. This seems like a great time to go somewhere, but again...the price tag once you include airfare & room, gets a little steep. Still, it might be a good way to really feel out California, since there's a chance it is in our future. T & I. We've been to San Francisco & Sacramento. I loved San Fran. I was surprised by how small it felt. People love to argue with me about that. How can you argue how something felt with someone? It just did to me. Small & cozy. I think we should go to LA for a day while we're up there. I know it's halfway across the state, but that's closer than halfway across the country.

Of course there is Star Wars Celebration VI as well. Rumored to be in Salt Lake City this year. A place I have no desire to ever see, in a state that I could care less about ever visiting.

There's also the family trip to the Carolina Beach. I'm going to need more than 6 days for that. That sure sounds nice though. Beach. Quiet. Family. It sure is a long way to drive. Leela will need a sitter. Of course, she'll need a sitter no matter what I choose.

Hmmm....decisions, decisions. 240 hours & counting.


Chris said...

You're out of your flippin' mind woman. If you have 240 hours of paid vacation time, you have 30 DAYS! Not 6, you dork.

Chris said...

You could check with a travel agent about a package deal to Sweden, far enough into the future that you could make payments on it. We've done that a couple of time with our Vegas trips.

ChromePlatedGirl said...

Yeah! What's up with 6 weeks of vacation?
You could go anywhere! Do anything!

Jen Tucker said...

What? 30 days!? Holy crap, your right. I divided by 40, which gave me 6. I blame the coaches that taught me math. Or didn't teach me.

Chris said...

240 divided by 40 is 6. Just weeks, not days. Remember you work 40 hours a week, not 40 hours a day...even though it might feel like that sometimes.