Monday, April 12, 2010

Action Figure Friday

If you love the shows Lost or Dexter, or the movies the Big Lebowski or Flash Gordon, then you really need to stop over at BifBangPow's blog & have a scroll through. These guys are awesome & make some really high quality sculpts. They are a very small company, but you wouldn't know it from their output & dedication to toy & action figure making.

They have by far the best Twilight Zone figures ever. They also have the absolute best Flash Gordon (1981 movie) figures ever. Being a huge Flash fan myself, these figures are spot on. If you are a Flash Gordon fan & you don't own these figures....well, I might have to question whether or not you REALLY ARE a Flash Gordon fan.

One of their newest figures comes from a music genre close to my heart. Metal. Scott Ian sculpted in plastic & ready to take his place on your mantle. He's 8-inches of rawness. Head on over to here: Entertainment Earth to pre-order. He's $18.99 but he won't be released until August, so you have plenty of time to scrap up some change.

Help keep this awesome company going & pick something up. Remember, they aren't Hasbro or Mattel, so if there is something you've always yearned to see in plastic, these guys are way more likely to make your dreams come true. That's why we need to support the little guys. Seriously, go check them out. Bif Bang Pow!

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