Monday, February 01, 2010

A side note....

You may have noticed I fell a little behind on my posts. Unfortunately I have a good reason for this. I've had to have some x-rays & visits to the Doctor. Apparently I am suffering from a condition called cricopharyngeus spasm & I have tennis elbow as well as a couple of small tears in my right rotator cuff. I had to have x-rays for the first time ever & was pretty excited. I find x-rays fascinating & being able to see your own skeleton is pretty cool. The bad news is the amount of discomfort & pain I am in right now. I'm going to try & keep on it with the blog, but some days it may just be a little too much. Let's hope with the physical therapy & steroids everything heals itself back up & I am A-ok in no time. So please, if you stop by & enjoy my blog, bear with me. Thanks.

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