Friday, February 19, 2010

Action Figure Friday feat. Sarah Connor

Okay, I know, Sideshow again!? Yep. Look they created a Sarah Connor figure. I freakin' LOVE Sarah Connor. Linda Hamilton is one of my all time favs, okay? Now, that being said...what the FRAK!? Where are the muscles?

Seriously Sideshow? Seriously? You spend all that time on the face sculpt, but leave off the muscles. Now, I understand that the majority of the population is freaked out & grossed out by ripped muscled women, but those of us who love Sarah, love her not only for the strength of character, but for her freakin' muscles! Just putting "muscles" in the description does not make them appear. Sheesh. This is a very important aspect of this character. The figure does seem to have a weak attempt at a toned look, but my friends there is a huge difference between toned & cut, and Sarah is CUT. Save the toned look for the Lena Heady version of Sarah.

What's with the green fatigues? Green? Is the accessory/costume/clothing person color blind? They are supposed to be black. BLACK. A slightly faded black tank top with crisp new black pants. OMG. What is it with Sarah Connor figures & toy makers? They NEVER get things right.

You even left one of the most important things out of all the extras. The chip from the T-800. Where's the chip? Really, no chip? An extra set of hair bangs, but no chip? *facepalm* Then there's the price. $150.00. WHAT!? Wrong color fatigues, no muscles, no chip, & you want $150.00? No Frakkin way! Lol.

I'm sorry Sideshow, but this time you missed. Take that beautiful head sculpt that you paid so much for & put it on a Sarah with muscles in the right clothes & you might get the $150.00 you want. That's just this HUGE Linda Hamilton/Sarah Connor fans opinion though.


Turayis said...

Wow! That sculpt really is amazing! But WHY ARE HER CLOTHES GREEN?!?! That really sucks.

BradChad said...

How is it possible that you made me care?

If I were Linda Hamilton I'd throw a fit... (Not true, by the way, if they made a BradChad Porter action figure I'd probably offer sexual favors for anybody who had anything to do with it.)

Anonymous said...

I should have known when I found you this would be here. It is Jenifer (Leigh) Smith from USAO if you get this and want to catch up drop me a line. Sorry I posted this like this but it was the only place you appeared in thye great big world of the internet.