Wednesday, December 30, 2009

cryptozoological pseudo-scientific assemblage art

"WTF?", You say? It's when you take something that cryptozoologists study, like Bigfoot, cthulhu, werewolves, or other weird things that no one has been able to prove exist & you paint them or draw them or build entire scientific cases full of examples of evidence of them, making them look authentic & appear very real. Go check out: for a good example.

This stuff is seriously cool.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow lady!

T & I built a snow lady! Isn't she beautiful!? I Love the snow! This rocks!

This is her backside. Pretty nice for a snow lady, eh? Lol.

Shoveling snow

Okay, I take it back.

Alright, alright, maybe I spoke too soon in my earlier post. We got around 10 inches of snow here & I hear OKC got about 14.1. A new snow total record! Score on the white Christmas wish! The wind kept whipping the snow all around, so technically, I guess it was a blizzard. Wow. Crazy. We have some 4 ft. snow drifts in our backyard. 4 ft., no kidding! Unfortunarely the snow won't pack. I want to build a snowman. Let's hope it'll pack a little later today. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More video of the 2009 "Blizzard Eve"

Video of the "Blizzard"

Hooray! Snow on Christmas Eve!

They are calling it a blizzard. Lol. I don't think I would call it that. Oklahomans are funny when it comes to snow. We rarely see it, so when we do, people freak out. They have no idea how to drive in it & there are accidents everywhere. Right now, the winds are 40 or 50 mphs. The little bit of snow & sleet that has fallen, around 1 or 2 inches, is blowing around. Blizzard though? Lol. They closed down H.E. Bailey Turnpike because of all of the accidents & stranded drivers. They are considering calling out the Nat. Guard. Lol. The funniest thing I have heard is the news lady mention the large 1 foot snow drifts. 1 foot? Hahahaha. Wow. The Governor just declared a State of emergency. They really are sending out the Nat. Guard. Part of I-40 is closed as well. People...stay home. Gifts are not that important. Risking your life & the life of others is not a nice thing to do on Christmas Eve. Stay home, enjoy the people with you, break out the board games & spend some family time together. Just stay home. Have a merry Christmas. Hooray for a white Christmas! It's a 3% chance here in Oklahoma.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The roof, the roof, the roofers are STILL not done

Well, it's been how long? It's still not finished. My advice, don't use Millennium Roofing. This week I got the interior work done. The ceiling looks good, but no insulation was replaced & the paint job in the bathroom is terrible. It looks like primer. I had a high gloss latex to make it easy to wipe down. They didn't cover anything but the floor in the bathroom so there are white specks of paint on the tile & some of my items decorating the bathroom. They still haven't replaced the facia on the outside of the house. I got an e-mail from Ted asking when they can come out to do a final inspection. I laughed, sent him one back that stated, when they finished the work we'd set up a time.

You can clearly see the water damage on the interior boards in the attic that were not replaced. I can't wait to see how many they said they did replace. The haven't replaced a single one. Not on the shed or on the house. Even the two that I can still clearly see broken in half in the attic. The living room ceiling looks pretty good though.

I can still see the stain from the leak in the bathroom under the crappy paint job. Will this ever end?

See the wonderful paint job?

Maybe I should have done it myself.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New art

Acrylic on paper. "Steve"

DareDevil. Watercolor. 14" x 19"

9" x 9" acrylic on Paper