Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween is coming up...

So, it is September, mid-September at that, and time to grab your costume or at least have an idea of what you want to be. Me? I'm still unsure. I still want my Jedi tunic & robes, but I also want an Rebel pilot outfit (preferably Hoth)or Luke's Bespin Fatigues. Ebay has many great cosplay crafters, but details are very important to a fan girl like me. Most of them are missing tiny details that I just can't get over. I mean the Bespin Fatigues must have that tiny little pocket on the shoulder. I also need the belt & the cool blaster holster that straps around my thigh. These things can get pretty expensive. So far the absolute best costumes I have seen are from tyga_toys and evolutiontoysshop on Ebay. Now there are many great costumers out there that I am sure do just as good work if not better, I just haven't come across any. If you are one or know one that would like to link to my page shoot me an e-mail. I don't know...that Jedi Luke is looking awfully tempting. What are you going to choose?

Star Wars Fan Days III

Star Wars Fan Days is a convention happening in Plano, Texas on October 24th & 25th, 2009. This is supposed to be one of the best sci-fi/Star Wars Conventions in the south/midwest. Go check out their informative site here: Star Wars Fan Days III