Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dark Crystal

This is a sculpture by the company MindStyle. They have other Dark Crystal Merch available as well. This stuff looks really nice and the Sculptors are listed as Jim Henson Company which might be the reason why. I really wouldn't mind having this on a mantle or even the center piece on a table.

Halloween and Politics

Get your Halloween Masks now at Entertainment Earth

One of these guys won't be around by November and we all know politicians are one of the scariest of all creatures!

Costumes Preview

Museum Replicas Limited debuted these, which I have been eagerly anticipating, at San Diego Comic Con. Authentic Star Wars Costumes. Detailed and available in many sizes. They look so good. So good I am afraid of the cost. I want my Bespin Fatigues. If you want to get the newsletter to be the first to know when they go on sale, head here: Museum Replicas

Frames Book from Sideshow

Here's an overpriced collector's item. I love collecting, but sometimes I can't believe the prices people will pay for things. How about:

* 1 - 250 - $4,000
* 251 - 500 - $4,250
* 501 - 750 - $4,500
* 751 - 1,000 - $4,750
* 1,001 - 1,138 - $5,000

Limited edition, Star Wars: Frames, filmmaker George Lucas' personal shot-by-shot selections from all six Star Wars films. Limited to only 1,138 copies and showcased in a beautiful wood-inlaid box, Star Wars: Frames contains six books, each corresponding to one of the movies in the Star Wars saga: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.
Each box is adorned with two exclusive high-relief sculptures of Darth Vader and Yoda. Each limited edition is numbered and contains a special portfolio with a bookplate signed by George Lucas. This extremely exclusive package will be limited to 1138 copies

Frames presents a photographic look at the cinema of George Lucas - in glorious widescreen, presented as never before on large-format press, over 1,300 images printed with the highest production values available to bookmaking.

Lucas' selections provide a visual history of Star Wars: Frames. This book represents the film from the narrative of Star Wars as seen through the eyes of its creator.

The Star Wars: Frames Book features:

* A numbered bookplate signed by writer-director George Lucas
* A custom limited-edition arts & crafts maple-wood case, flanked by two uniquely sculpted high-reliefs of Yoda and Darth Vader.
* Over 1,400 frames (more than 230 frames from each Star Wars film) in six leather-bound volumes (each 22" x 11"), hand-selected and reviewed by George Lucas
* Exceptional large-format film frames magnificently reproduced in a breath-taking original widescreen aspect ratio, as never before in the history of Lucasfilm publishing.

It's a nice book, but $4,000?! Or more? Seriously. I'll wait until I find one at a used book store or on Ebay or

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Snake Eyes 12 inch figure

Here's a Sideshow Snake Eyes twelve inch fully posable figure. He comes with:

* Fully articulated male (prometheus) body with 30+ points of articulation
* SPIE Rig harness and Pistol Belt
* Utility Pouches x2
* MK-18 Smoke Grenade Sub-load Pouch
* MK-23 Pistol Holster w/ Suppressor pouch
* Special Ops LAV (Light Assault Vest)
* Small Utility Pouch
* Ninjato Scabbard
* Ninjato
* Tanto Scabbard w/ Boot ties
* Tanto Fighting Knife
* Snake Eyes' Falchion Sword
* Two Pairs of Tactical Boots w/ Alternate Pose (Flexed or Neutral)
* Special Ops Wrist Bands
* Knee Pads
* Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands
* 9mm Sub-Machine Gun with Single Point Sling and Carabineer
* Suppressor for 9mm Sub-Machine Gun
* 30 Round Magazines x4
* Mk-18 Smoke Grenade x2
* M-48 Stun Grenade x2
* M-67 Fragmentation Grenade x2
* Mk-23 Pistol
* Mk-23 Pistol Suppressor
* AN/PEQ-6 Laser Sight
* Mk-23 Pistol Magazines x2
* 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

Pretty sweet, ey? Only $119.99 now at Sideshow.

Sideshow Lord of the Rings

Here's a fun sculpt of Gandalf and the Balrog. It's from Sideshow collectibles for $299.99. Available for pre-order now!

Garfield minus Garfield

Go check out Garfield minus Garfield, it's hilarious. The chap that started the site has removed Garfield from the actual comic strip which really shows exactly how lonely and crazy Jon Arbuckle is. The link is here.

Interesting bill

A bill to amend title IV of the Social Security Act to require States to implement a drug testing program for applicants for and recipients of assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. '
Bill # S.3361

So how are they going to police this? Wouldn't it require tons of man hours? I think it is a good idea, but I'm not sure they could actually make it work. Would a person have to drive to locations outside of their area just to get tested in order to get basic drugs for arthritis and stuff? How would California's medicinal marijuana program be affected. There seems to be more that needs to be outlined and worked on with this Bill. It would be nice to know that I am not paying for people to sell their Xanax on the street though.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Holy Opossum!

Look what I caught by motorrodding around. A cute baby opossum!

Interesting ploy

Well, if you can't join 'em, beat 'em up. I suppose it is held in the basement, but they've already broken rule #1. Unless the church version is different.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Possible the scariest movie still EVER!

This is from the NEW movie "Land of the Lost". New main characters, no Marshall, Will, or Holly, but they kept the scariest monster ever...the Sleestaks!