Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's my Birthday...(on the 15th it was)

Wow! Another Birthday already!


More art from the land of Jen

This is actually three seperate pieces that I placed side by side.

Monday, November 13, 2006

W00-H00! Wizard World Texas!

Wow! I had a great weekend! Me and my peeps went to the Texas Wizard World this weekend and got a plethora of comics, merchandise, and legends of all areas of geekdome! (Thanks to Chuck for driving!) We got Aaron Douglas' autograph (Chief from Battlestar Galactica) and pics. I was having problems with my camera and Aaron made jokes about taking T out to dinner and a movie while I fumbled around with trying to get it to work. You drop the thing one time and then it just doesn't seem to work right anymore. He was super nice and very funny. A real down to earth guy. He sat and talked and autographed at his little area all frakkin' day and never seemed to get tired of it. I also got to meet a serial legend. The original "Lois Lane", Noel Neill, who played Lois in the 1948 serials, the 1953 series, had a cameo in 1978's "Superman", and this summer's "Superman Returns". She was very sweet and it was a real treat to meet someone who has managed to out live 3 Supermen. She is 86 but acts and looks much younger. Erica Durance should a cue from Ms. Neill since she couldn't even manage to show up. Luckily I didn't come to see her though. I also got to meet some great comic writers and artists. Comic legend, George Perez, Daredevil writer Ed Brubecker, artist J.Scott Campbell, artist Bill Sienkiewicz, and Devil's Due President josh Blaylock. Everyone was really open and friendly and we all had a great time! Plus we got Freebies!